Could’ve padded this with some other post but neither had time nor inspiration to write one. Now we have back to back monday links :).

  • Why is Vim awesome

  • Andy Matuschak’s notes Loved the way this website (or I should call it a webpage) is organised, great flow which helps in revisiting whatever you’ve recorded without opening zillion tabs and aids in breadth-first-searching the notes instead of falling down into a rabbit hole of information.

  • What every programmer should know about memory, Part 1 Will take you about a month to digest everything, make sure you make notes of all the parts mentioned at the end. There is a downloadable version too.

  • Some good “Statistics for programmers” resources I liked statistics before college, in college the course titled statistics and probability didn’t do much on explaining the intuition behind some amazing and new concepts but one thing it did nicely was it made me aware what all you need to study. Here are some good resources which help you bridge that gap. Don’t try to consume them all in one week, go slowly about it. As of writing this I’ve just watched the first two talks and made some notes which I’ll share here.

  • UNIX/LINUX tips (potpourri)

  • The storming of the bastille : The reddit crowd targets the hedge funds If you want to make sense of what is the fuss about the GameStop and Robinhood, give it a read, it is more of a how and why rather than a what.